Cluster Box Units

U.S. Postal Service approved outdoor centralized mail delivery system is constructed of all aluminum, stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials. Concealed hinges on front-loading master doors provide high security plus easy access for mail delivery person.

Due to numerous applications, only a few typical details are shown here. Please call us for specific details or design requirements to meet your project needs. Also Contact Us for a reputable installer or visit our showroom.


  • Doors are designed to stay open while mail is distributed with a quick release for closing.
  • Shelves are secured with stainless steel rivets for strength and stability.
  • All patron doors are equipped with weather resistant 5-pin cylinder cam locks (1500 changes) and 3 keys.
  • Parcel boxes have U.S. Postal Service approved 306P captive locks.
  • Standard door identification is a 1" x 1" aluminum tab with black numbers.
  • Tab recesses into an indentation in the surface of the door for a smooth attractive finish.


Doors: Thicker doors constructed of extruded aluminum

  • Master Door Frame: Precision fit for sturdier construction

Shelves: Riveted with stainless steel rivets to offer added protection

Concealed Hinges: For longer life, improved performance and appearance

Pedestal: Extruded aluminum to withstand the toughest impact.

Interior Nest: Thicker material .080 aluminum to strengthen overall unit

Door ID: An aluminum tab with black number: 1¼" H x 1¼ W


  • Standard aluminum numbers from 1 through 999 for consecutive numbering of multiple units
  • Permanent identification engraved into front surface of patron doors
  • Extruded aluminum pedestal

New Security Features for Type I:

  • 8 point master door locking system
  • Stainless steel reinforced, ¼" thick aluminum collection door
  • ¼" thick aluminum parcel doors with stainless steel hinges
  • Patron doors with enclosed ends at hinge point with a 3/16" hinge rod
  • Reinforced top cover
  • Stronger load door holding mechanisms
  • Load doors hinged with stainless steel continuous hinges with a ¼" rod
  • Hook cams on 306P lock
  • Hook cams on patron doors
  • Pry resistant parcel openings
  • Heavy gauge (11GA. 304 Series Stainless Steel) rain cover on collection door